Our Mission

To renovate commercial and residential, properties to the 100% satisfaction of the client throughout the process. To bring a level of customer service upsurpassed in the current market, along with a professional manner. By having a large skillset, the vast majority of an entire property can be handled by us. Having only to deal with one individual that is focussed on making the client happy.

There are alot of people to call for for property renovations, and there is unsurpassed of need for it.

So why call Ion?

1. You can text pictures and questions to the 800 number.

2. Ion is a 1-stop shop for all of your fixes (from building websites to building decks)

3. Incredibly friendly and knowledgable, happy to share knowledge on how to DIY!

4. Respectful of your time and property

5. Truly does care about your satisfaction of the job.

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