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About Us

My Resume

For a little over 22 years, i was in the Hospitality Industry, 15 of which were as a Chef and the rest were managing Stadiums and hotels. You learn to wear more than one hat and being able to solve problems are disctinct traits necessary to manage hundreds of people on a daily basis. Fixing things has always come naturally and having beenĀ  a hands-on manager my entire life i've learned everything i possibly can.

I've always had a love of technology and the merging of a residential home or commercial office with a Computer. To provide data on all of your houses' systems, which can not only help fix problems before they start, but that same tech can also do an incredible amount of home automation and provide incredible audio visual enhancements.

My renovation abilities come from owning and flipping houses, throughout my expierences, i have pretty much done everything involving buiding or flipping a home.


customer service

Our Approach

People shouldn't have to advertise that they have excellent customer service, unfortunately that is the case in the world we live in. Technology is growing exponentially and technicians in the field are universally thought of as "difficult to understand and deal with" at best.

We are going about our business in a different route. Our technicians are pleasant and unobtrusive during installations. Our sales force is there for you before and AFTER the sale. We offer 6 month warranty on our work and products as well as a complete coaching session of your new products so you know exactly how to take charge of your technology.



We can help you save time and frustration with your technology, contact us today so we can help you into the Modern Age of Technology