• Wire CAT6 ethernet cables, repair or add
  • Alarm wire
  • House electrical repairs and upgrades
  • Able to Design to your needs


  • Remove or add walls
  • From framing a new wall to painting
  • Make custom walls


  • Rennovate bathrooms from floor to ceiling!
  • Add a new backsplash in your kitchen
  • Add a custom mosiac design on any surface


  • Fix most repairs in the home
  • Add new fixtures
  • Update your showers
  • Add exterior water features or french drains


  • Install any kind of flooring
  • Able to remove exsisting or install overtop
  • RV's, homes, boat house etc


  • Retaining walls and steps
  • Decking and pool cement pads
  • Repair exsisting structures and walls

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We are here to help

We see how difficult it can be to control all of your technologies, or even to fully understand them. We're here to help you and while doing so, we will save you as much money as possible.  For business owners, we'll not only make your technology work for you, we'll have it make you money!